the new home of Darkness


Halloween 2024 at Koenigstein Castle.



Whereever it says Frankenstein Halloween there’s Frankenstein Halloween inside!

All Halloween fans can rest assured. We will continue to lovingly take care of your fear and will ensure unforgettable nights with Halloween in 2024.

The horror remains, it just gets bigger, harder and reaches a new dimension at Königstein Castle. 

Halloween at Königstein Castle is guaranteed to reach a new level. The castle ruins enable us to implement new themed areas and tackle primal fears more intensively. Lonely moments, darkness and surprising sceneries will wear on the nerves of all visitors.

Halloween 2024 at Königstein Castle will be a new milestone for us.

So dear Halloween fans, stay loyal to us and our monsters. Look forward to Halloween 2024 at Königstein Castle and we already promise you a Halloween spectacle next year that will thrill you.

Information about Koenigstein Castle

Foto Burg Königstein - Wolfgang Riedel

Image Burg Königstein Wolfgang Riedel

Königstein Castle Ruin in the Taunus Mountains is one of the largest castle ruins in Germany. The castle was built in the 11th century. However, the oldest parts of the walls still visible today date from the 12th century. As customary in past centuries, the castle was constantly extended, enlarged and rebuilt. Through wars and sieges, the castle was repeatedly partially destroyed and then rebuilt with greater strength. In the 18th century, the castle was largely destroyed and not rebuilt.

The decay of the ruins was accelerated because from 1796 onwards the inhabitants of Königstein repeatedly removed stones as building material for numerous houses in what is now the old town of Königstein. A common and permitted procedure at the time, to which other historic buildings in many countries also fell victim.

The castle ruins as we know them today are, as they say, what remained.

Situated at an altitude of 407 metres, the ruin still towers impressively on the western edge of the old town of Königstein. The magnificent panoramic view over the Taunus, to the large Feldberg and the Rhine-Main plain impresses visitors day after day.

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