Dear Halloween fans,

Please take into consideration for your journey:

  • No box office! Tickets only online or by presale! (Possible also on Sundays!)
  • Bags and backpacks with a capacity of more than 1.5 litres are not allowed (all visitors at the shuttle buses in Pfungstadt with bags or backpacks with a capacity exceeding 1.5 litres will be rejected).
  • The following are also not allowed:
    Prams, bottles, cans, hair spray, umbrellas, spray cans, knives and other weapons as well as dangerous, sharp costume components.

Many thanks for your understanding!


Burg Frankenstein is an old castle ruin. Please bring warm clothing. We wish to expressly point out that this is a full-contact event! Therefore, please leave your valuables at home. We will not accept any liability for dropped telephones, soiled or damaged clothing, or damage to property and personal injuries. The checks at the entrance are for your own safety. There may be waiting times. They are neither grounds for a recourse claim, nor do they entitle you to a refund of the purchase price.

Many thanks for your understanding!